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Conguitos brand shoes, first launched in 1990, combine well-being, style, and the latest trends. Specializing in children’s shoes, the Spanish brand takes care of children’s feet while they are growing, by designing comfortable and functional shoes. The “Goflex” collection from Conguitos, designed with the namesake technology that guarantees flexibility, torsion reduction, and shock absorption, offers the best in terms of comfort. Designed for the youngest among us, this collection combines quality, performance, and design. Today, Conguitos is a leader in the children’s shoe market.





Froddo is an Italian designed, Croatian made children’s footwear brand. All Froddo shoes are made with leather uppers and are lined with anatomic insoles to support children’s growing feet. With funky designs and beautiful leathers, Froddo offers a range of Boys and Girls styles in sizes 17-40. With over 60 years shoemaking experience Froddo shoes are suitable for everyday wear. They won the coveted SuperBrand award in 2009.








Biomechanics is a top of the range Spanish Children’s footwear produced by the well-known brand Garvalin. With years of research into Children’s feet and their mechanics, this range uses only premium components to its shoes to ensure they provide strength and durability as well as lightness and flexibility. With removable innersoles, most shoes within this range are orthotic-friendly and accommodate even the most difficult foot-type. The Biomechanics School Shoe is in our opinion, one of the best.
Always interested in innovation and satisfying the specific requirements of a foot that are growing and has to do it shod in the most appropriate way, the Garvalín company began a research project with the Biomecánica Institute of Valencia which led in 1996 to the label Biomecánics, whose priority mission is ergonomics and adaptation to use. Through exhaustive studies on thousands of children and observation of their different needs at different ages, came a range of highly comfortable shoes where conception, material, and construction are fully committed to ergonomics.






Spanish-made Garvalin manufacture quality boys and girls footwear. Garvalin is robust shoes with the finest attention to detail. Bright colors as well as neutral tones they offer a wide variety of footwear to suit all tastes.
In tune with contemporary styles, Garvalín develops a versatile and contemporary design. As a whole, it aspires to offer the first shoe, i.e., a multipurpose design that can be worn with any outfit and which satisfies the multiple requirements of those demanding users that are children. Our commitment to quality is shown in the meticulous insides, removable anti-bacteria insoles, natural leather linings and in our compliance with international regulations on footwear and respect for the environment in all processes.


Agatha Ruiz De la Prada

Agatha makes beautifully crafted Spanish footwear for girls (first-walker to teen). Their shoes are incredibly unique (often with the left shoe unique to the right!) Pretty, tasteful and sometimes a little ‘glitzy’, Agatha is a huge favorite amongst the girlie-girls.
With the goal of expanding its offer, Garvalín embarked on a relationship with the designer Agatha Ruíz de la Prada in the year 2001. The designs that emerged from this inspired union of fantasy and good craftsmanship are full of optimism and vitality. These are collections that make a mark, where color and liberty in the mixtures stand out in any setting. In a varied offer that ranges from basketball sneakers to ballet-style pumps and high top boots, an Agatha Ruíz de la Prada shoe will always be charming, recognizable and very much to the taste of our young customers.


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